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About Us

Richard’s Cabanas is a family run resort, established in 2013, carefully designed to satisfy the needs, interests and tastes of both international and local visitors.


Our highest priority – and what we are well-known for – is our customer service. We are small enough to unobtrusively and quietly look after the needs and interests of each individual customer, pair of customers, families, or groups, as family guests.


We are also consistently praised for the food we offer, which is all freshly home-prepared to order and cooked according to individual tastes – curries are as more or less spicey as is requested, for example. Experience has taught us to understand the tastes of guests from many different nationalities.


Finally, we are people who know, respect, understand and deeply care for our local environment. We can help our guests appreciate what there is to enjoy both within the grounds of the cabanas and in the immediate vicinity (walks and free bicycles). Not to mention the wider area of paddies, lakes, monuments, and the wild-life reserves.


Please enjoy your stay with us and your adventures in our area!

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