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Places of Interests

Tissamaharama: is the gateway to many absorbing sites apart from the 3 wild-life parks, Yala, Udawalawa and Bundala: we can arrange full or half day safaris, night safaris, and tent or tree-house camping.


Lakes: Tissa is next to 2 serene ancient man-made ‘tanks’ which were built in the 3rd century BC after the Sinhalese established the Rahunu kingdom here, (you will find bits of ruins all over the area.) 


Wirawila Lake Bird Sanctuary: a unique variety of aquatic and jungle birds.


The town and lakes are surrounded by beautiful expanses of paddy fields with mountain peaks in the background: we provide free use of bicycles (and a map) to explore.


Temples: the Great Stupa and Sandagiri Dagobas: built in the 3rd century BC:  this is one of the sixteen most sacred sites in Sri Lanka.


Kataragama: large colourful temple complex sacred to Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims alike. Perahera festival in July - August including the ‘water-cutting’ ceremony.


Vedasitikanda: high-up remote mountain temple at the top of ancient stairs through the jungle. Where the animist god Kataragama was worshiped by the indigenous Veda people.


Situlpauwwa - ‘hill of the quiet mind’: remote temple in the middle of Yala jungle (no entrance fee!) with a history going back over 2200 years - and glorious views.


Kirinda: Muslim fishing village and port with the statue of the legendary Queen Viharamaha Devi on a rocky outcrop. Fine views of the coast and the lighthouse on the Great Basses reef. One of Sri Lanka’s best scuba diving spots. An award winning village was built after much of Kirinda was swept away by the Tsunami.  


Buduruwagala: 8th century jungle shrine with the tallest statue of Buddha in Sri Lanka, with 6 Bodhisattvas carved into the rock, and the remains of original frescoes. Near a lake with its wide variety of birds.

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